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There's A New Way To Monetize Social Media For Your Store

Since the rise of social media people have been trying to develop a practical way to monetize social media.  However, all they've been able to come up with are the same old tired click ads that don't work very well.  First, few people click on them, and out of those who do, even fewer purchase as a result.  So how can the internet monetize social media without the use of traditional advertising?  Simple: Use Buddy Buddy Buddy.  A creative approach to monetize social media.

Why is it that you've never heard of Buddy Buddy Buddy (or simply BBB) to monetize social media?  Because no one has taken the time to understand the power of this new platform.  A platform that has the capability to monetize social media and DO AWAY with the awful click ads we all despise.

When something comes along that is new, people are slow to warm up to it.  And if it comes from left field and NOT from a big company like Google, people think, if anyone knows how to monetize social media, it would be Google or Facebook, or Apple.  But the truth is, new ideas are tough to sell if you're not one of these companies.  Further, people are slow to accept radically new ideas that are fresh and unique—especially when it's dealing with a way to monetize social media—something that no one has been able to do with any great success.

Our platform designed to monetize social media is so different and so fresh, that it takes a little imagination to see the far-reaching implications.  Because they are looking at it from "old thinking".  They are trying to fit it into the way things have always been done.  If they do that, of course they won't see that we have developed a clever way to monetize social media that is vastly differently than anything that has come before.  So it is understandable that a person who is not open to a new way of thinking would dismiss it.  But they would be wrong. They would be dead wrong!

See for yourself.  See if you have the capability to understand and appreciate our solution for how to monetize social mediaWatch this video... or take a look at this infographic... or take the time to watch this video and see if you agree with the people who "get it" or if you side with those who don't.  If you "get it" you can tell your friends you were among the first to see how this clever plan to monetize social media will have a decided impact on social media and shopping online.



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