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How To Monetize Social Media Marketing For Your Store

People have been trying for almost ten years now to find a viable way to monetize social networking, but all have failed. Click ads don't monetize social networking. They just annoy users of social media. Videos don't monetize social networking. People can't wait to "skip this ad" and move onto the content they came for. Twitter can't monetize social networking. People don't use Twitter for shopping no matter how many BUY NOW buttons they throw at people. Then add to all of that the privacy troubles Facebook especially has had to deal with, and you are seeing the front end of a giant meltdown in the way social media has been monetized at the peril of the users privacy, and it's clear the bell is tolling. No, to monetize social networking a company has to come up with something new and different. Which is exactly what we've done.

We've developed a method to monetize social networking that no one has "seen". It is such a new and different way to monetize social networking that even the venture capital companies have a hard time believing that our solution to monetize social networking is valid enough to invest in. But that's understandable. Many of the big online success stories have been turned down by numerous venture capital firms until someone took a chance on them. We are one of those companies. We've been turned away by dozens of venture capital companies who don't have the vision to see that our platform to monetize social networking is appealing to shoppers and merchants alike.

Our clever way of issuing shopping rewards to generate sales has resulted in what we've termed "Referral-tising". A combination of referrals and rewards represents a new way of tackling the problem of how to effectively monetize social networking. It's so different that the venture capital sector has a hard time seeing how it would work to monetize social networking. They see something that is not as simple as online grocery delivery and they lack the vision to see beyond it as a way to monetize social networking and they pass on us.

Are you as limited in your thinking as the bulk of the venture capitalists? Do you think YOU will see the value of our plan to monetize social networking? Give us a look. Check out this video, or take a study of this infographic, or take the time to read about how our system works to monetize social networking. Then you can say to your friends you see it or you don't. No harm done, right?



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