Pay Per Click Ads

Pay Per Click Ads Are Becoming Ever More Ineffective

Online marketing is getting more complicated every day. If you are using pay per click ads, also known as Google's AdWords for example, you know that those alone cannot do the job. You must also get involved in all other methods of marketing to properly cover your bases such as social media, email marketing, and brand ambassadorship to name just a few. But what if there was an alternative to AdWords in the form of pay per sale ads that also covered these other marketing activities? It would have to be all inclusive and it would have to be a lot better than pay per click ads to be effective. That's because people are tired of click ads that they increasingly ignore. So much so that the concept ad blocking is gaining momentum. In truth, it really looks like pay per click ads are on their last run around the track. Whatever takes the place of these click ads that everyone is ignoring has got to be fresh. It's got to be new and inviting to both consumer and merchants/advertisers, and it would really have to have an attractive feature to get advertisers excited. And guess what? We have developed just the thing!

First of all, instead of pay per click ads ads that are less than .01% effective, our invention is based on a pay per sale ads model where the advertiser pays only AFTER a sale has been made. What we have developed to take the place of traditional click advertising is a concept we call "referral-tising". So named because it is a clever combination of referrals and advertising — or advertising through referrals to paint a more accurate picture. Further, it delivers referrals drawn on social media connections in a way that might be termed "friends helping friends". Another shocking aspect of our invention that will unnerve the status quo, is that it removes the middle man from the advertising equation. There is no need for people to book ads, no need for artists to design ads, no need for people to read ads, and no need for websites to place ads. It represents the final nail in the coffin for pay per click ads because it uses people-to-people connections to sell products within a pay per sale advertising model. While there is a fee paid to us for administering the program, in the end its nominal and the bulk of what would otherwise be paid to the purveyors of pay per click ads, goes to the consumer in the form of reduced prices for products as a "reward" for referring friends to the store where products were purchased.

To learn more about how our new advertising platform works — and more importantly, what it means to you as a merchant, Check out this video, or take a study of this infographic to get a quick understanding of the core principles of our platform, or take the time to read about how our system works to deliver a superior advertising experience that replaces pay per click ads with a pay per sale advertising model to the benefit of all.



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