Say Hello to Ad-Blocking

Ad Blocking will transform the mobile web:
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Rise of Mobile Ad Blockers Has Advertising Industry Worried:
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And people across the board are SICK OF ONLINE ADS:
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The writing is on the wall. Thanks to ad blocking, click ads are on their way out.
It's time for the next version of online advertising.

We've invented a solution and we call it:  Referral-ti$ing.

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Buddy Buddy Buddy is the next iteration of advertising online.  We all know younger generations have learned to ignore ads.  It's time for something better. Something tailored to the the web and tailored to social media.

Why pay ad companies to get in between the social conversation to create sales??  Pay the people.  Reward the shoppers.  Reward the shoppers to toot your social media horn.  It's as simple as that.  You remember a little concept called "power to the people", right???  Well this is that concept played out online through our clever blend of social media-based referrals and shopping rewards paid out exponentially to fuel the sales funnel.




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