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6.5 Inch Cast Iron Skillet
Regular Price: $12.00 - BBB: $6.00

Scrub Brush, 10"
Regular Price: $8.75 - BBB: $4.00

Pan Scrapers, set of 2
Regular Price: $3.00 - BBB: $1.50

Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan
Regular Price: $40.00 - BBB: $22.00

Grillin' Sauces Kit
Regular Price: $22.50 - BBB: $11.00




USA Cookware has implemented what could well be the most clever, and most advanced shopping rewards program ever devised.

Facebook users will find this rewards program (called "Buddy Buddy Buddy," or simply BBB) exciting for them and their friends. Earning rewards is practically effortless, and it's fun!

BBB is a program that combines social media purchase referrals with shopping rewards and discounts in a clever, three-level method that redirects money ordinarily spent on advertising to discounts that benefit you, the consumer.

It works like this: You make a purchase, then sit back and watch your BBB rewards pile up! All you have to do is tell your friends what you've purchased. With a single click on the confirmation page of your order, BBB does the rest. When your friends make a purchase based on your one-click referral, BBB issues rewards to you and your friends. It tracks purchases made by friends of friends, and issues you more rewards… it tracks purchases to three levels of friends, and – at each of the three levels – you, your friends, their friends, and their friends’ friends ALL get BBB rewards ("Buddy Bucks"). Buddy Bucks will pile up on your Facebook page, where you can watch your rewards grow and then spend them at any BBB-participating store!


So you can buy the cast iron skillet you've been wanting while they are on sale, and using your BBB rewards with the purchase. Share your purchase (with one click which then posts to your Facebook page)… and the rewards loop kicks in again!

Then you will see on your Facebook page that your friends are all experiencing the same bounty of rewards… and their friends… and their friends. You will notice that they're using their rewards to buy merchandise for huge discounts at all kinds of stores because Buddy Bucks rewards are portable – they can be redeemed with purchase for super deals at any BBB-participating stores.

The BBB rewards program is so awesome that you may never buy anything online again unless it's a Buddy item!


The promise of lower prices for online shopping has finally been realized with a program that puts you first – and all those friends who will also benefit by BBB!

Ready to give it a try? Choose any current Buddy sale item, make a purchase, tell your friends, and watch your Buddy Bucks pile up!

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